About Us

Your Resource For Purchasing Religious Fine Art

Beautiful work reflecting God's goodness doesn't just belong in big churches.
It belongs in the little churches of our homes to always be reminded of God's loving presence.

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Our Goals

  • To do something beautiful for God
  • To enrich and inspire lives
  • To bring people close to God through beauty in art
  • To support and encourage artists to create fine religious art


In the heart of the Scottsdale Arts District
7165 E. Main Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


10am - 5pm

Thursday  7-9pm ArtWalk

Gallery Consultants


Marcus Sobczyk

Gallery Manager/Art Consultant



Grace Rivera

Art Consultant



Geri Adelmann

Gallery Representative



Our Purpose

The world is blessed today with artists who are braving the tides of secularism, hoping to produce an entirely new wave of sacred imageries for today's people and world. At the same time, we see a growth of interest in religious art and a desire to purchase this work for homes, churches, and institutions. For the most part, religious art has been an uncomfortable fit in most galleries.

The Sacred Art Gallery’s purpose is to provide a unique venue to make these sacred images available to those seeking this kind of inspirational work – to connect the artist with the seeker.

For many centuries artists who followed the calling to paint the spiritual, the unseen, were supported by the Faithful. This vocation was considered one of the highest forms of "priesthood" and the chosen flourished - especially during the Renaissance. We hope for a new Renaissance in our world today.

"Beauty is the vocation of the artist. It is the duty and privilege of the Church's artists to design the maps which will direct the Faithful to the Almighty.” -- St. John Paul II

Artist Submissions

Thank you for your interest in working with The Sacred Art Gallery. Please take a moment to review our website to determine if your work might be of interest to our gallery. We are looking for Christian artwork.
Please Review the following guidelines before submitting:

  • We do not accept submissions via mail or on-site delivery.
  • Only on-line submissions will be reviewed.
  • We review artists every few months.

If we become excited about your work a gallery representative will contact you to make arrangements for an interview and viewing.

Submit the following items to email@thesacredartgallery.com for review:

1. A link to your website, or attached JPEG images of your most recent work
2. Retail pricing for all work
3. Bio and Resume
4. A list of all the galleries that currently represent your work

Representing The Finest in Religious Art