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Sacred art reflecting God's goodness does not just belong in big churches.

It belongs in the little churches of our homes to always be reminded of God's loving presence.”

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to make sacred artwork available for your home or church to serve as a daily reminder of God’s loving presence, and to inspire a resurgence of meaningful art that calls the seeker to a higher, heavenly reality.

  • To do something beautiful for God
  • To provide artwork that will enrich and inspire lives
  • To bring people closer to God through beauty in art
  • To support and encourage artists to create fine religious art

Our Purpose

The Sacred Art Gallery’s purpose is to provide a unique venue that will encourage and promote bringing meaningful artwork back into homes and churches. There are artists today producing a new wave of sacred imageries for our present world. At the same time, there are many who would like to purchase artwork that is meaningful rather than just decorative.

In centuries past, artists who followed the call to paint the spiritual were supported by the Faithful. This vocation was considered one of the highest forms of "priesthood" and the chosen flourished - especially during the Renaissance. We hope for a new Renaissance in our world today.

"Beauty is the vocation of the artist. It is the duty and privilege of the Church's artists to design the maps which will direct the Faithful to the Almighty.” -- St. John Paul II


Marcus Sobczyk
Art Consultant

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Danny Pabst
Art Consulting

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Haley Stevens

Representing The Finest in Religious Art

Our Mission

-To do something beautiful for God
-To enrich and inspire lives
-To bring people closer to God through beauty in art
-To support and encourage artists to create fine religious art

Our Services

We are here to help fill your need in religious art, whether as an inspirational piece for your home, as a large project for your church, or a gift of beauty for a loved one.

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