Malcolm Furlow

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by M. Furlow

Size Group: K

Giclee on Canvas, Available in multiple sizes.
Call for pricing - 480-946-1003

The Painting of "The Messiah"
Story By Jennifer Furlow
"Jesus painted this image through Malcolm's hand just hours after his first near-death experience when he visited Heaven. Exhausted and unable to stand, I held him up while he stood in front of his easel. Together, we were astounded and crying as we watched Malcolm's hands fly over the canvas as Our Messiah's image began to appear.

The original painting is a cherished part of our lives. It emanates a strong and very tangible energy of love and healing. The giclees of this image emanate the same energy, though slightly more subdued. Malcolm and I have begun an outreach effort in which we speak in front of church groups and tell of this and Malcolm's other Heavenly visits that happened during his serious illness. Two spontaneous healings have been attributed to this image. A book and documentary are currently in progress.

All of Malcolm's paintings that are displayed in The Sacred Art Gallery have been painted while Malcolm is in a prayerful state with Jesus directing every brush stroke. It is always a surprise to both of us to see the various styles and images of these paintings as they emerge.

Malcolm does not put his signature on 'Messiah,' as he will not take credit for the beautiful image Jesus painted. Malcolm will not enhance any of these images as he says, 'How can I improve upon something that Jesus has done?'"

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