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by Michelangelo

Size: 66"T x 72"W x 34"D
Medium: Available in cast marble as well as bronze

Call for pricing - 480-946-1003

This full-size cast of the Pieta is one of only 95 that will be cast of the iconic artwork by Michelangelo - a 1:1 casting that is faithful in every detail to Michelangelo’s original.

Five hundred years ago, Michelangelo unveiled what would come to be regarded as one of the world’s great masterpieces of inspired art and perhaps the most beautiful sculpture ever created. This masterpiece has been recreated in cast Carrara marble from a authorized mold derived from the original.
Of all his sculptures the Pietà was the only one Michelangelo ever signed. In this piece his attention was focused on evoking the ideal of spiritual beauty so important in the time of the Italian Renaissance. It is a testament to his abiding love of God, the source of his inspiration, that he was able to capture the compassion and serenity in Mary’s face with so much grace that, half a millennium later, the vision of it continues to inspire us. One of the greatest sculptures ever created, it stands as an icon for the Christian faith, bringing inspiration to the millions who visit St. Peter’s Basilica every year.
“Michelangelo’s Saint Peter’s Pietà” was cast using a Vatican-authorized mold of Michelangelo’s original marble sculpture in The Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome, and is faithful in every detail to Michelangelo’s original. Cast using a proprietary Carrara marble blend and then painstakingly hand-finished and polished by master artisans, ensuring that every intricate detail of the original masterpiece is exact — from the nuanced folds in Mary’s garments, the lifeless muscles of Jesus’ body, the luminous expression of Mary’s touchingly expressive face, to the bold personal signature of Michelangelo which adorns the delicate sash that runs across her chest and left shoulder — the Pietà is truly a masterwork that demands to be witnessed in all its monumental glory.