Old Masters

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The Assumption

by Old Masters

Size Group: A

Artist - Guido Reni

Giclee on Canvas
Price includes frame.
48x32" $1350
36x24" $800
30x20" $600
24x16" $420
18x12" $300
12x8" $175

Guido Reni was a widely acclaimed painter and draughtsman in seventeenth-century Italy, renowned for his elegant interpretations of religious and mythological scenes. His style, which fused elements of classical idealism with close observation of the natural world, was perpetuated through the activity of an exceptionally large and productive studio and emulated by many artists across Europe.
Born in Bologna in 1575, Reni began training in his hometown alongside other notable artists before becoming an independent master in 1598. He moved to Rome in the early 1600s to work on the ceiling frescoes in renowned palaces and churches.
Reni is best known for large-scale altarpieces, mythological scenes, and single-figure devotional and secular subjects.

Representing The Finest in Religious Art